Driving whilst using a mobile telephone

Using any hand held mobile device while driving is illegal and if you are to use one you are breaking the law. This is not limited to just mobile phones; it can be any device that is hand held such as satellite navigation devices which are not part of the car, iPads, iPods or any other device that can perform any interactive communication functions, which can include:

  • Telephone calls
  • Text messages
  • Emails
  • Internet browsing
  • Social media browsing
  • Receiving data

What are the penalties for using a mobile device whilst driving?

If you are convicted of driving whilst using a mobile telephone or other device you the Magistrates’ Court will impose:

  • A fine up to £1,000 and
  • Endorse your driving licence with 6 penalty points

What can we do for you?

If you wish to challenge the case that you were using a mobile device, you will need a lawyer to advance your case. If you accept you were using a mobile device, instructing one of our lawyers to advance expert mitigation on your behalf will usually have a positive effect on minimising the financial penalty that will be ordered. We can also advise on whether an exceptional hardship application could be advanced to persuade the court not to impose a disqualification where it normally would be mandatory for example, where you have reached 12 penalty points on your driving licence.

We can advise and assist you upon all such aspects.

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