How much is your driving licence worth to you?

For most of us, the ability to lawfully drive a car is part of our everyday life. For most of us having that right removed because of the accumulation of penalty points on our driving licence or being disqualified instantly for drink driving for example, will have drastic consequences to our personal and professional lives.

We have significant experience of dealing with all motoring offences both in terms of any arrest or police interview under caution and for appearances before the Magistrates’ Courts.

If defending yourself against a prosecution for a motoring offence or seeking to mitigate for the penalties to retain your driving licence is worth something to you, we can assist.

12 penalty points

The accumulation of 12 penalty points or more in a 3 year period will mean that you will face an automatic disqualification from driving for 6 months. There are exceptions to this which we can advise you on. 

Notice of Intended Prosecution or Summons

If you have been given a notice of intended prosecution by a police officer or receive a summons to attend a Magistrates’ Court for a motoring offence, the time to act is immediately. We are able to advise on the best course of action to prevent your being convicted if you think that you have not committed any offence or to try and retain your driving licence if you have, or are ultimately convicted after a trial.