Mark Dakin


Mark is an experienced Solicitor-Advocate, who has dealt with road traffic cases for many years, at Police Stations, Magistrates’ Courts and Crown Courts.

Mark has a excellent knowledge of the technical nature of traffic offences, such as drink driving, failing to provide a specimen and speeding and has been able to been able to put this knowledge to use to secure favourable outcomes for clients, including acquittals at trial.

In relation to drink driving offences, Mark has successfully relied on the ‘hip flask’ defence to obtain acquittals and Special Reasons, such as ‘laced drinks’  to avoid disqualifications.  These cases rely upon the use of expert scientific witnesses to calculate the effects of alcohol consumption.

Mark has successfully argued exceptional hardship to avoid disqualifications under the totting provisions.

In relation to allegations of being in charge of a motor vehicle after consuming excess alcohol, Mark has successfully argued that there was no possibility of the defendant driving the car after consuming alcohol.

In the Crown Court, Mark has successfully defended clients charged with dangerous driving and using a vehicle as a weapon.

By delivering effective mitigation, Mark has been able to avoid prison sentences for clients for offences such as dangerous driving and repeated offences of driving whilst disqualified.

Mark has represented clients charged with numerous other traffic related offences, such as drug driving, dangerous vehicle condition and perverting the course of justice (such as falsehood as to driver identity).


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